Saturday, May 14, 2011

Press: Works on Paper

Last night, my family and I attended the grand opening of Press: Works on Paper, a boutique devoted entirely to the love of paper in all its artforms. Our good friends Paulina Nassar (of Coco the mannequin fame) and her husband Nick Sarno (I like to refer to them as the Nassarnos) are the proprietors of this unique shoppe located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District.

In their own words, 'Press: Works on Paper loves paper. Books, with an emphasis on works published by small presses, vintage books and out of print and hard to find fashion and photography titles. Notebooks, pencils and pens, vintage office supplies, typewriters, bookbinding supplies, unique papers and pieces by artists working primarily with paper: woodblock, letterpress and collage artists. Our focus is design, beauty, use and uselessness. We can’t hope to save an art form that is quickly becoming irrelevant. Rather, we hope to celebrate its irrelevance and the creative freedom it brings.'

Check out the cool installation of rolled papers above the stained glass window.

Mid-century office supplies including a green Smith-Corona typewriter.

Lovely artisan papers and vintage greeting cards.

Retro bookbinding supplies and instructional manuals.

Rare and out of print books.

Classic foods like meatballs and chocolate-covered twinkies were served. (Yes, this is what summer in San Francisco looks like!)

Poor Nick was stuck behind the counter all night ringing up sales, which were carefully wrapped in brown paper packages tied up with string.

My mom and dad bought a cardboard camera!

Oh, yeah, and c'est moi.

Press: Works on Paper is located at 3492 22nd Street / San Francisco, CA 94110 / 415.913.7156 /

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  1. This looks like such a fun shop! Wish I was in SF to visit but I'll just have to "window shop" through your photos.