Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Locks

Apparently there is a trend sweeping through Europe in which sweethearts write their names on a padlock and cinch it to the chain link fences over prominent bridges. Though technically illegal, I imagine it's difficult for law enforcement to prevent this romantic act, particularly when it takes place behind a lingering kiss in the dark of night.

This bridge, which crosses Paris' Seine River just in front of the famous Louvre Museum, glistens with the flicker of 'love locks' in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Here is the world-class view lovers enjoy while commiting their crime of passion.

Notice the glitter glue, sequins and red lips on these particular examples.

And I love the industrial quality of this vintage number.

Happy Valentine's Day, mes amis! <3

Please stay tuned next time for an exciting announcement regarding my new jewelry venture! :)


  1. I love. I heard about this happening in NYC. The city would clip them every few months :0( awesome photographs

  2. Way Cool!!!...Wish I was there to see it in person!