Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Leaves of Brown

The leaves of brown came tumbling down / Remember, in September, in the rain / The sun went out just like a dying ember / That September, in the rain*
Though it thankfully hasn't been raining in my area this week, the days are getting shorter and there is a bit of crispness in the air.
As a result, my jewelry designs are turning toward the melancholy that fall brings for me. Warm shades of amber and amethyst
mix with mother of pearl and shades of blue, like the misty skies.
I'm still loving bronze, mixed with rich jewel tones like garnet and sapphire.
A sweet bracelet featuring flowers, rosary connectors, and a rhinestone leaf, remind me of taking a stroll in a tranquil garden.
And here, a vintage celluloid sparrow brooch softly blends with old mother of pearl rosaries and rhinestones for subtle allure.
What has you inspired now that the leaves are turning brown?
*Songwriters: Harry Warren, Al Dubin

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Day Job

I often allude to my 'day job' here on the blog, but today I thought I'd show you a little behind-the-scenes peek, since it was a particularly fun photo op. I work at a cosmetology school, and here our students are re-creating a couple of Marie Antoinette-esque models for a professional shoot. You can imagine how much fun it is to step out of my office for a few minutes and witness this happening!
Our students learn some really cool hair and makeup techniques. I wish I could hire one of them to come over and help me get ready every morning! ;)
Thank you for stopping by! New jewelry designs to follow later this week! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Going for the Bronze

As we all know from watching the Olympics, any athlete in her right mind wants to win the gold, but I am rather fond of bronze these days...
This week I've been working with this warm metal, which I think feels just right as we slide into the fall season. Here, a Joan of Arc medal takes center stage, mixed with vintage and antique watch chains.
How cute are these little bronze 'pitcher' charms?
A beautiful bronze cross is made all the more regal with accents of garnet and amethyst gemstones in this triple wrap.
This necklace can be worn many different ways!
Finally, I thought this bronze heart locket box was a real stunner when I discovered at the flea market recently. It is another fabulous find from the British couple I'd mentioned in a previous post.
Juxtaposed with vintage leaf-shaped rhinestones, I think it would make the perfect accessory for those holiday dinner parties!
How is everyone doing with the new Blogger format? As you can see, I managed to get this posted, but am not happy with the way the photos are spaced - I like a bit more 'breathing room' between them. Any suggestions?
Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gearing Up

Bonjour, Blogland! With autumn in the air, I've been 'gearing' up, so to speak, for the busy shopping seasons ahead.

I made several pairs of earrings this week, including these Steampunk-inspired watch gears, and the 'firecrackers' below, which feature an explosion of vintage rhinestones and bronze crosses.

Sweet little baskets...

Wine and roses (and chains!)...

And how cool are these mother of pearl hearts?

Sorry, folks, this butterfly bracelet is already spoken for but I just had to show you anyway. ;)

I also managed to finish a few necklaces. This Paris-inspired piece incorporates an old souvenir bracelet and rose quartz. (One can never have too much Paris-themed jewelry, after all!)

I thought this enamel lyre pendant was so unusual when I spotted it at the local flea market recently. I purchased it from a British couple vacationing in San Francisco. Apparently they visit once a year, peddling their vintage wares as a means of funding their trip. Clever!

On another note, Blogspot warns that it will be converting to the new interface in a few days! Yikes! Wishing all of you other bloggers a smooth transition and if I don't make it back here you'll know why. (Kidding.) Have a beautiful weekend! :)