Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black Velvet

Bonjour, blog friends! As I ease slowly into the transition of working on jewelry full-time, I am still faced with mixed emotions. Will I be lonely without my co-workers? Will I be able to earn a living? What if I run out of vintage jewelry supplies? But, the good news is that I'm getting more sleep, more exercise, and am able to spend more quality time with my family! A pretty nifty trade off, eh?
The past few days I've been playing with black velvet and the colour black in general. Maybe it's the onset of Halloween that did this to me...
This double-layer necklace features a sterling siver Virgin Mary pendant, moody rhinestones and vintage rosary. It really sparkles with a dark elegance!
Next is my 'le bebe' bracelet. I lined the inside of a very old paste frame with more black velvet, and added a bronze Infant of Prague icon.
Black and white cameos from the 1940s are encircled in rhinestone hoops and accented with garnets and bows in these lightweight earrings, perfect for holiday parties.
And I am just in love with these bronze heart charms, accented with sparkling grey labradorite briolettes.
These charming tassels are so versatile.
Finally, I was lucky enough to find this Paris souvenir patch at my recent jaunt to the local flea market! I instantly knew it would make an uber cool bracelet!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing my latest offerings, now available in my Etsy shoppe. I know that if I keep busy, doing what I love, the answers to my fears and questions will fall into place. Thank you for supporting me in my endeavors! Have a wonderful week!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Paris Flea Market

This weekend I was invited to show my jewelry at The Paris Flea Market, a monthly event hosted by Come C Interiors in San Mateo.
This landmark downtown antiques store boasts a patio garden in front, and massive displays of architectural salvage, cottage furniture, vintage art, and collectibles in every nook and corner.
On Friday night, shoppe owner Valerie prepared wine and snacks for visitors, while her husband Paisley played live jazz.
Val and all her guest vendors have a keen eye for display.
Vignettes sparkle everywhere you turn!
Here is my table...
I was lucky enough to share it with local fashion celebrity Moe, of Boho gloves. I have several pairs of these cashmere beauties and nothing makes me feel more chic!
Moe's sister Sue's beautiful photography work and accessories were also among the offerings.
And, of course, there was just a sprinkling of Halloween gore!
Special thanks to all my friends and family who came out to support me, and to Valerie and Moe for inviting me to join in on the festivities. Have a wonderful week, everybody! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sowing the Seeds

I've been keeping busy during my first week as a self-employed (unemployed?) jewerly designer! It's been a little scary being out on my own after years of working at a 'regular' job, but I've been trying to sow the seeds that I hope will eventually lead to a fruitful new occupation. To get started, I made these 'grapes of wrath' earrings!
I was also invited to participate in this trunk show / flea market event a local antiques store this weekend! I'm really looking forward to meeting some more members of this community.
Here are a couple of new necklaces I made for The French Circus...
I love the Art Nouveau elegance of this 'garden goddess' piece. The misty aqua colours evoke vintage romance to me.
The following necklace features a really old Joan of Arc perfume bottle! I suppose even warriors like to smell nice. ;)
I also started assembling a few things for the wholesale market...
And I acquired some new findings for my jewelry supplies shoppe, The Paris Carousel, for all you other jewelry artists out there! ;)
Thank you for taking the time stop by! I will try to take some pictures at The Paris Flea Market this weekend to showcase next time. Have a beautiful weekend! :)