Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black Velvet

Bonjour, blog friends! As I ease slowly into the transition of working on jewelry full-time, I am still faced with mixed emotions. Will I be lonely without my co-workers? Will I be able to earn a living? What if I run out of vintage jewelry supplies? But, the good news is that I'm getting more sleep, more exercise, and am able to spend more quality time with my family! A pretty nifty trade off, eh?
The past few days I've been playing with black velvet and the colour black in general. Maybe it's the onset of Halloween that did this to me...
This double-layer necklace features a sterling siver Virgin Mary pendant, moody rhinestones and vintage rosary. It really sparkles with a dark elegance!
Next is my 'le bebe' bracelet. I lined the inside of a very old paste frame with more black velvet, and added a bronze Infant of Prague icon.
Black and white cameos from the 1940s are encircled in rhinestone hoops and accented with garnets and bows in these lightweight earrings, perfect for holiday parties.
And I am just in love with these bronze heart charms, accented with sparkling grey labradorite briolettes.
These charming tassels are so versatile.
Finally, I was lucky enough to find this Paris souvenir patch at my recent jaunt to the local flea market! I instantly knew it would make an uber cool bracelet!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing my latest offerings, now available in my Etsy shoppe. I know that if I keep busy, doing what I love, the answers to my fears and questions will fall into place. Thank you for supporting me in my endeavors! Have a wonderful week!


  1. The black accents are just wonderful! I especially like the cameo and heart earrings and your intuition was correct. The Paris bracelet is uber cool! So happy for you making your beautiful jewelry full time. Enjoy!

  2. How darkly charming! Your Virgin necklace and "baby" bracelet are particularly striking. I can see them worn with lots of white layers to lend the wearer a mysterious presence.