Thursday, September 20, 2012

Going for the Bronze

As we all know from watching the Olympics, any athlete in her right mind wants to win the gold, but I am rather fond of bronze these days...
This week I've been working with this warm metal, which I think feels just right as we slide into the fall season. Here, a Joan of Arc medal takes center stage, mixed with vintage and antique watch chains.
How cute are these little bronze 'pitcher' charms?
A beautiful bronze cross is made all the more regal with accents of garnet and amethyst gemstones in this triple wrap.
This necklace can be worn many different ways!
Finally, I thought this bronze heart locket box was a real stunner when I discovered at the flea market recently. It is another fabulous find from the British couple I'd mentioned in a previous post.
Juxtaposed with vintage leaf-shaped rhinestones, I think it would make the perfect accessory for those holiday dinner parties!
How is everyone doing with the new Blogger format? As you can see, I managed to get this posted, but am not happy with the way the photos are spaced - I like a bit more 'breathing room' between them. Any suggestions?
Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend! :)

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  1. So pretty as always!!! You got some real treasures from the British couple.
    New format? We have not become friends yet! :(
    I agree about the photo issue. Yesterday, I ended up transferring some of my pics to photobucket, then C&P them to the post
    Have a great weekend.