Monday, June 11, 2012

Simply Fobulous

With summer in full swing, I wanted to offer some pared-down pieces this week - jewelry lite if you will.

I call these earrings 'simply fobulous' because I designed them to resemble antique watch fobs. They are lightweight and versatile enough to wear every day.

This bracelet is also delicate yets packs a statement with its antique ribbon which reads, 'Society of our Lady of Lourdes', vintage cross, medals and garnets.

And this classic pearl necklace is another tribute to my favourite city - Paris!

All of these pieces are currently available at The French Circus.

Please also remember to visit my supplies shoppe, The Paris Carousel for more good things in small packages.

Silver-plated fleur de lis for your own creations...

crystal bezel chain...

and sparkling vintage bracelets.

Have a wonderful week, mes amis! :)

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