Sunday, May 5, 2013

Market de Mayo

Hola!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo!  As for me, I was at the flea market bright and early this morning, or not so bright as the case was.  Our bay area weather brought lots of chilly wind and by 11:00 it started raining, so that's when I gave up and ran to the car.  I had planned to take photos at the market for all of you, but it was too grey and the wind kept blowing my hair into the camera lens (and my lipgloss), so I will try again next time.  I did manage to find lots of treasure in a few short hours, and wanted to at least show you my loot.  Now don't worry; I will be listing many of these pieces in The Paris Carousel over next few days, so please stop by!


(Check out my new boyfriend...)

Handsome devil!  ;)
I also managed to whip up a few new necklaces in time for last-minute Mother's Day shopping...


Thank you for stopping by, mis amigos!  :)



  1. You did find a lot of treasures! The necklaces are so pretty. Have a great week.

  2. Hi Robyn!

    I don't know anyone else as motivated and hard working as you. You are a talent and an inspiration!

    Au Revoir Ma Amie,

    Danette :)

  3. So many pretties! The weather didn't diminish the wonderful treasures you found! ummm yes, quite the handsome new boyfriend. Enjoy!

  4. You found lots of pretty pieces for your designs and customers! Its always fun to see what catches your eye. And I love the necklace with the rhinestone bouquet in a basket!