Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fun with Briolettes

Happy November, mes amis!  With only 52 more shopping days before Christmas, I've been busy in the studio, stocking up both The French Circus and The Paris Carousel with holiday goodies. 
I had a particularly good time this week playing with briolettes... those little teardrop-shaped gemstones that drip with colour and luxury when added to earrings and even necklaces.
Here little bundles of brios punctuate a classic cameo piece...
... and I've created hoops of briolettes in some new earrings, just listed this evening.
Emeralds, pyrite and quartz... oh my!  ;)
If I could own just one pair of earrings this holiday season, it would be these!  Victorian shell cameos, vintage rhinestone dress clips, rubies and garnets.  Need I say more?  ;)
Thank you for stopping by!  Have a beautiful week!  <3 Robyn