Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Chic

When my good friend Sharon recently sent me a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, I ran right out and got the new Rachel Ashwell book, 'Couture Prairie and Flea Market Treasures'.  A long time fan of the queen of Shabby Chic, I never miss one of her books and this volume does not disappoint!  My heart nearly skipped a beat as I turned each glorious page!

Filled with her usual vintage romantic prettiness, soft pastels and chippy furniture, but this time mixed with a nod to the Texas cowboy culture including rough barn wood and antlers on the walls, it was just the inspiration I needed to dream up some new holiday chic designs!

I took a cue from Rachel while at a local gem show last weekend, and stocked up on a winter palette of stones in lavenders, blues, silvers and a hint of red.
Rachel reminded me to always juxtapose a little sparkle against more somber elements,
that the classics never go out of style,
and that I still swoon over dainty florals.
Thank you for stopping by, and a special thanks to Rachel Ashwell for providing me decades of design fantasies.  x o


  1. Beautiful as always.
    To cold to get out here today, so stayed in curled up, instead of being creative.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Up at 3 am perusing your lovies. Inspiring as always!

  3. What a tempting array of jewels, full of holiday colors! I love that red floral necklace. I'm happy you are enjoying Couture Prairie this holiday and that it inspired a winter palette for you. Happy Holidays!