Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I've Got the Blues

Well, not literally, but have you ever noticed a collection emerge when you weren't looking?  After some lucky visits to the local flea markets recently, it occurred to me that I had been unknowingly gathering up a small ransom of cobalt and aqua blue glass from the 1920s.  I guess I've got the blues after all!  ;)
Here's a peek at my inadvertent stash, as well as some new pieces that will be coming to my Etsy shoppe this evening.
Thank you for stopping by!  :) Robyn


  1. Pretty blues! Cobalt is probably my favorite shade of blue, but like many of the others also.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all.

  2. How lovely! It looks like a mermaid has spilled her treasure chest :) I love the piece with all the silver spirals - I will have to swim over to your Etsy shop for a better look...