Thursday, April 7, 2011

Victorian Prairie

I am constantly being re-inspired by current trends that harken to the past. My latest obsession is a style I call 'Victorian Prairie', which in my mind means long layers of organic cottons and linens, a tough ankle boot and fingerless lace gloves. (Is everyone still with me?) To illustrate this look, I wanted to share with you two designers I've recently discovered who do this so well, and who have had a major impact on the way I think about getting dressed each morning.

Robin Pearl Brown, the designer and founder of the breathtaking clothing line Magnolia Pearl, was raised by bohemian artist parents who taught her how to make beauty out of salvage. With her husband, John, she has created a Texas empire of lace and ruffles that would make any romantic woman swoon. Here are some photos of her spring 2011 line, which Robin graciously gave me permission to use:

Not only does Ms. Brown have a way with clothing, but she also has a fabulous interior design sense and has published an unforgettable book filled with worn velvets, lace curtains and fringe, A Bit of Velvet & a Dash of Lace. Her style is completely unique, but speaks to the inner gypsy in all of us.

Another designer I've been following is Kerry of Bayou Salvage. Available on Etsy, Kerry's clothing, handbags and accessories will make you want to sit on the front porch or under a willow tree sipping a mint julep. The New Orleans designer describes her childhood as 'a mix of three parts rust, two parts torn lace, and a jigger of bourbon'. I think that sums it up perfectly:

I think I may have to order these gloves since, let's face it, I would wear them every day!

If you're interested in more of this look, particularly for home furnishings, you may want to check out a newly published book called Romantic Prairie Style, which has been getting rave reviews.

Please stay tuned next time for some of my own (jewelry) designs using the new Power Shot camera! Have a bon jour, everyone! :)

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