Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Hero

In honour of Father's Day, I wanted to pay tribute to my own special dad. He is such an inspiration, not only to me, my sister and mom, but for many more people than I'll bet he realizes.

Over the years, he's had many different professions from Kosher caterer to toy designer. These Mad Men-era photos were taken when he worked as a passport photographer in New York City.

But I believe his most important job has been as head of our family, our rock through good times and difficult ones.

So today I just wanted to say, 'Thank you, Dad'...

For teaching me how to swim and ride a bike.

For carving Cinderella's coach out of a pumpkin on Halloween so I could win the 5th grade contest.

For instilling in me an appreciation for big band music.

For helping me whenever I have a computer / car / TV / camera question.

For still doing my taxes every year and even putting a postage stamp on the envelope so I don't have to.

For taping episodes of Oprah you think I'd like. (I'm gonna miss this!)

For never missing a Valentine's Day and buying my favourite kind of chocolate.

For your incredible story about meeting Marilyn Monroe.

For helping me put things in perspective when I overreact to situations.

For teaching all of us to live in the moment.

And so much more! I love you!

Happy Father's Day to all the cute dads out there! <3

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