Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Come Fly With Me

I've had a very busy week, just having returned from Las Vegas for a three-day business symposium. Most of the seminars I attended were motivational in nature and I feel encouraged to dream bigger in both my 'day' job and jewelry business.

The keynote speaker on opening day was none other than Stedman Graham. His story of finding his own identity in the face of prejudice and his relationship with a very famous woman (hint: starts with an 'O') was powerful and I was compelled to buy his book, You Can Make it Happen, which earned me the privilege of meeting him at the book signing afterward! A former basketball player, he sure is tall!

Between this trip and my upcoming holiday in Paris, I guess I've had travel and flight on my mind, both literally and figuratively. I started thinking about what 'flight' means and came to the conclusion that is the ultimate feeling of liberation. To soar, glide, reach heightened goals, explore, go on an adventure, experience freedom. So, with this idea in mind, I've created three new necklaces, two of which feature birds, and the other a compass. Come fly with me, won't you?

OK, I know chickens don't fly, but you get the idea:

What does 'flight' mean to you?


  1. My trip is not so grand as to include Paris but my 'adventure' has me flitting around the mid-west. Having just spent a few days helping move my son into an apt in OK city I'm now visiting my daughter in Mnpls. Ah, the temps are wonderful! I will be 'exploring' many a junk shop and flea market as I visit family in WI, MI, and Ill. as well. And will be enjoying a little 'freedom' as my husband is left to work at home. This area is my heaven and I'll be here most of the month, so my heart is 'soaring'. Corn ball, I know, what can I say.
    Have a great trip!

  2. Sounds like you had a good trip.
    Great job on the necklaces - So pretty!