Sunday, August 28, 2011

Running Off to Join the Circus

When life gets stressful with work demands, trying to run a business on the side, and news of the economic downturn and raging storms, I sometimes think I might just run off and join the circus!

Life would be so happy there, with cotton-candy colours and tiaras.

My circus would be in Paris, mais oui! A French Circus!

I suppose it is this fantasy that inspired my recent jewelry designs. Creating these pieces really is an outlet for me, an escape from dull daily realities to a magical place in my imagination...

filled with mysterious girls carrying flowers

and bearded gun-slinging heroes.

Where I would be queen of it all!

Won't you come join the circus with me?

Special thanks to my dear friend Sharon for sending me the adorable 'circus bird' card you see in the earring photos.

These designs will be available in my Etsy shoppe this week. Please stay tuned for my 'Red Velvet' collection, coming soon for fall! Merci beaucoup!


  1. Wow...I love all the new designs. The earrings are fabulous! You amaze me with how much you accomplish. I haven't been able to do a thing, just trying to get my studio clean!

  2. Hi Robyn,
    My you have been a busy little bee! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such wonderful words of kindness!!! It really warmed my heart to read your message. Have a great week!