Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old Relic

I've become fascinated with old reliquary pendants and have been lucky enough to pick up a few recently, both antique and recently fabricated.

Shrines, rosary boxes, and relics filled with sacred keepsakes all hold a mysterious charm for me.

I purchased this tiny pendant at a Paris flea market during my recent trip. It boasts a genuine piece of fabric cut from the clothing of St. Vincent de Paul and is sealed with wax to preserve its authenticity. My sister even had to help me negotiate its price with the dealer!

I filled this sterling silver box with a bit of vintage seam binding and cross, but the wearer can hide her own special memento inside.

This beautiful 1880s meerschaum is also from the flea market in Paris. I paired it with the largest, most delicious mother of pearl rosary I've ever seen and it is currently available in my Etsy shoppe.

This next necklace features a reliquary pendant assembled by artist Donna Sarjeant. She has the genius to make these tiny 'shadow' boxes out of old watch tins and sometimes faces them with finger rosaries and other frames.

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful week and Happy Halloween! :)


  1. Thanks Robyn--but your the genius--it doesn't take much to make a box, it's what become of them later that is the true art. I appreciate the 'shout out'. I love your jewelry and hope to collaborate with you again soon!

  2. Reliquaries are spooky but beautiful (I'm glad you don't have bits of bone in yours like some historical ones I've seen). Your necklace with the rose reliquary pendant is gorgeous.