Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silver and Gold

I've been busy in the studio this week working on some new designs using silver and gold-tone pendants, marcasites and rhinestones! Lots of rich details.

This Eiffel Tower necklace is a special order for one of my favourite customers. She had seen the bow and tower combo in a necklace I'd made with a pearl chain and loved the pendants, but wanted something else more suited to her personality. So, voila! We collaborated on a double-strand design using some of her favourite elements - a sterling silver crown, Paris links and red accents.

I also created these brass shield earrings for her based on some bracelet links she spied in another necklace I had made. These have tiny tourmaline beads and faceted garnet briolettes as accents.

Now for some new pieces in The French Circus tonight, this 'aquarius' necklace features a cherub pendant, wooden rosary cross and beads, and is complemented by light blue pearls and rhinestones.

I love that you can wear this piece with jeans and a t-shirt or out for a night on the town!

And now for some Art Deco-inspired rhinestone tassels...

Again, these are perfect from denim to Downton.

Finally, this 'old hollywood' necklace reminds me of a silent film star.

A sterling silver and marcasite pendant with tiny amethyst accents is the focal point, suspended from a mother of pearl 'star' (get it?) and old simulted marcasite bracelet links that remind me of a reel of film.

Well, that's what I've been up to! Please stop by my new vintage jewelry supplies shoppe, The Paris Carousel, if you're interested in creating your own assemblage jewelry. I'll be heading out to yet another flea market this Sunday, so there will be more and more goodies on the way! :)

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  1. Your customer will be very happy ! Love your description from denim to Downton. :D
    Busy day ahead - I need to get busy. Enjoy your weekend.