Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to My Studio

Bonjour, mes amis! I've been doing a bit of reorganizing in my studio this week, and thought I'd take some photos to give you a little look around.

I always find seeing the homes (and art studios!) of others is like a glimpse into their soul. Somehow I always understand people better when I've seen where and how they live. Perhaps this will help you understand me and my aesthetic better too. :)

The Paris Carousel photo on this bookshelf was a recent birthday gift from my good friend Sharon, and was taken by one of my favourite photographers, Georgianna Lane. She has wonderful images of the city of light, flower gardens and macaroons to tempt every romantic.

I found this Louis XVI lamp last month at the flea market! His partner, Marie, now lives in the bedroom. ;)

I love this IKEA cabinet for its stylish storage possibilities. Do you see all those white bubble envelopes on the bottom shelf? This was part of my weekend re-do. Much better than the cardboard box they came in!

Ah, there's Marie! She snuck off to try on some earrings...

I also love this flea market cubby I bought a few years ago. I originally got it to store my handmade greeting cards and other paper-crafting supplies.

Now for my desk. Yes, I cleaned it up before you came over. :)

I like having all my jewelry supplies in plain view for inspiration.

Another source of inspiration for me is this board I made by covering an old wooden frame with batting, muslin, and string tied horizontally. I stash favourite cards and artwork created by me, friends, and others whose work I admire.

And now for some of what I actually use my studio for... jewelry assemblage!

These carved glass rose earrings are so elegant.

And this black glass cameo locket on rhinestone chain is sure to be an instant classic in any wardrobe.

Always, there will be French-inspired pieces. Eiffel towers for the lobe...

And a pretty Marie Antoinette necklace with gold bows and pink accents.

These new pieces are currently available in The French Circus. Please stop by next time to see what else is coming out of the studio...

Have a beautiful week! :)


  1. What a nice place to create your pretty jewelry !
    I am still trying to come up with a new work space here.
    Hope you are having a good week.

  2. How delightful your studio is, Robyn! And so excited to see that you have the print framed already – thank you so much for sharing it here! Happy Birthday! – g