Monday, July 16, 2012

A Passion for Purple

I've never really been a purple person, but after finding some gorgeous chunky amethyst stones at a local gem show recently, I was quickly hooked!

This 'passion for Paris' necklace features these stones as well as some diamond-shaped purple glass bezels from a 1920s piece.

I've noticed that various shades of purple were popular in Edwardian and Art Deco-era clothing, from lilac to plum.

Here is a bracelet I made this week using more (you guessed it!) amethyst, its centerpiece a sterling silver recast flatware handle!

This whimsical eyeglass pendant hangs from a very old chevron multi-strand chain which is connected by clusters of multi-coloured rhinestones. (Just a touch of purple! ;)

And I love how delicate these 'victorian music' earrings are, featuring a candy box of tiny tourmaline stones, antique cameos and brass harp charms.

Veering into shades of pink now, these spun silver flower earrings feature cube-shaped rose quartz and a tassel of rhinestones.

Since not everyone may share this passion for purple, I also made a few other things this week...

This mother of pearl rosary necklace showcases a very old 'appartion of Christ' medal and is accented by marquis-shaped garnets.

Silver-toned filigree Paris souvenir panels and chains go with everything!

Finally, here is a custom order I recently completed. A double-cameo, triple wrap necklace incorporating more mother of pearl, rhinestones, silver chain, aquamarine and clear quartz.

The cameo segment is detachable so the necklace can be worn more simply as well as doubled, lariat style, and several other options.

Merci beaucoup for stopping by! Have a purple week! ;)


  1. Robyn, what beautiful creations! LOVE them!


  2. Beautiful as always! I have some amethyst beads, but need to learn to do a better job of wire wrapping before I can do anything with them.
    Your client will love her necklace with the cameos.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. As usual, I want all the multi-colored pieces to wear all at once :) People will mistake me for Downton Abbey understudy.

  4. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! Your kind comments mean so much to me! :) Robyn