Monday, December 3, 2012

Peace on Earth

I hope everyone's December is off to a peaceful start. This time of year can get so frenetic with gift shopping, parties, decorating, cards to be mailed, cookies to bake, and even travel plans to be arranged. I'm wishing everyone a little time out among the flurry to have a cup of hot chocolate and remember what the holidays are really all about...
JEWELRY!!! (Just kidding.)
I'm trying to keep my days full of quiet charm, but I had my own little drama a couple of days ago when I dropped and broke my camera!
Thanks to good ol' dad, he researched a new and even better model for me and I was back in business in no time.
So what do you think? Notice a little improved photo quality?
My cable TV has also been on the blink all week, so I've been listening to lots of holiday music on the radio instead.
Nothing like a little Dean Martin singing 'Marshmallow World' to get me in the mood for Trader Joe's peppermint bark!
Then the peppermint bark gets me thinking about candy colours,
which leads me to using lots of pastel gems in my work.
These soft colours, juxtaposed with tarnished metals and rhinestones are so authentic to me, and make me feel... well, peaceful.
So, maybe there has been a silver lining to all my technical difficulties after all.
I call this necklace with a rhinestone bird perched on vintage velvet 'peace on earth', and this is truly my wish. She, along with all the other jewelry here, is now available at The French Circus.
And for those of you who wish to make your own holiday jewelry, please visit The Paris Carousel, where I have lots of vintage goodies to play with.
What brings peace to your world?


  1. You have been busy!! :)
    Sorry about the camera, but nice your Father helped out.

  2. Oh no, I dont' know what I would do without my camera, and they're so expensive to replace! I'm so glad your dad got you all fixed up with a new one.

    I love all the pieces you made. You've been very busy!! Your photos are always gorgeous.

    What brings me peace? Listening to Christmas music on the radio or CD's. But my family doesn't like to hear it so early in the month. I might have to hide in the closet just to get my fix.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. I like the new pictures! They are so crisp! Wonderful job! I need to get a new cam's old, so I think the autofocus on it is off...but I have to work with what I have for now...
    I love your train of thought...candy! Yum and yes your jewelry has a wonderful sweet deliciousness to it! Beautiful work as always!

  4. As always, your jewelry is lovely and maybe even more so thanks to your new camera's sharp photos. Candy and marshmallows are always on my mind in December but you've managed to translate them into something delicious yet calorie free :) Happy holidays, Robyn!

  5. I always appreciate those of you who stop by regularly and leave such wonderful comments! Technology may have failed me this week, but I see that my true friends have not! Deepest thanks. :) Robyn

  6. Your jewelry is just amazing. I'm so glad you took the leap of faith quitting your job to create jewelry full time. You are so talented, I'm sure you're going to do great. When I need a shot of inspiration I always take five and visit your site which is so full of inspiration for me. Best wishes!! Jennifer

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Welcome and thank you so much for the glowing compliments! Quitting my job was (still is) a scary step, but one I felt compelled to take at this point in my life. Knowing that I might inspire others is truly the icing on the cake. What kind of things do you create? :)