Monday, November 26, 2012

A Very Special Christmas

For months I've been collecting some very special antique pendants... shrines,
and meerschaums,
fancy cut gemstones,
and perhaps my most favourite of all - this tiny French relic, which reads 'Agnus Dei'. These treasures are becoming so hard to find!
And what Christmas would be complete without herald angels?
All of these designs will be available in my Etsy shoppe on Tuesday, November 27. And I've already begun working on more holiday pieces coming soon, including a gorgeous tin sacred heart.
I'll leave you with this very special creation from Thanksgiving. My 9-month old niece Tilly's first art project! Isn't that little hand print adorable?
Until next time, happy shopping, everyone! :)


  1. Your pieces are gorgeous! They'll make a special gift for some very lucky ladies!

    I love Tilly's ornament. These kind of things make wonderful memories. I have several on my tree from when my three kids were little. I love them as much or more than store bought.

  2. Beautiful!!
    Aww! Tilly did good. :D Hard to believe she is 9 mos. already.

  3. Thank you ladies! Always nice hearing from you! I can't believe what a gloating aunt I've become! Lol! Hope you both had a nice Thanksgiving! :)

  4. What a lovely assortment you are showing in your shop for the holidays! They're sure to bring a sparkle to someone's eye. Tilly's tiny handprint turkey is adorable too.