Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kaleidescope Woman

Bonjour, mes amis! As I'd mentioned in my last post, I've been influenced by pretty colours and pastels lately (it must be visions of sugar plums dancing in my head already!), and wanted to show you just a couple of pieces I've made this week.
But first, allow me to offer a huge thank you and congratulations to my sweet customer Vanita all the way in India! She has just opened a brand new home furnishings store called 'Bioscopewalli', which roughly translated means 'Kaleidescope Woman'. That's her - the woman who turns the kaleidescope for you, as you enter her fantasyland of furniture, art and - yes - even jewelry!
I was so flattered that she asked me to whip up a few brooches for her to sell in her new store!
Now for my own Etsy shoppe,the following necklace is one of my favourites to date, featuring a hand-painted portrait pendant of a 'southern belle', which I hung from another old pendant of amber glass and enamel.
I added lots of candy-coloured gemstones, good enough to eat!
And this 'blue mary' bracelet is the first piece in my upcoming line of holiday gift ideas. I will be featuring lots of new designs, priced very affordably for the season.
Please stay tuned next time for more items from my gift collection, including new earrings. Until then, have a beautiful week, and many thanks again to Vanita! :)


  1. Drooling over the "Southern Belle" necklace. Yummy. And what a nice experience with Vanita. Thanks for sharing that with us. It's good to know that your beautiful designs are being appreciated worldwide.

  2. You must be enjoying designing for the holidays in your pretty home studio and sugarplum fairies are surely coveting those candy colored new jewels! Lovely work, Robyn!