Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chasing Away the Winter Blues

With a mid-January chill in the air, and the festivities of the holidays behind us, many people find themselves experiencing a bit of the winter blues, myself included.
To combat this, I dreamt up some pretty new treasures this week with just a hint of spring in their step...
Butterflies, birds and flowers take center stage
with accents of moss, robin's egg and turquoise.
I also added one more Valetine-themed piece for good measure, this cameo and heart bracelet...
which is a perfect segue for me to remind everyone to please enter my earring give-away contest!
One lucky winner will receive these ruby heart earrings! To enter, simply share my blog with someone you love and comment here by letting me know whom you chose and why you love them. Drawing will be held on February 5, with the winner announced no later than February 7.
Thank you all for stopping by, and here's hoping your winter blues have been officially chased away! :)


  1. Robyn, another breathtakingly beautiful post! I always feel as if I've perused through a coffee table book of gorgeous art jewelry after reading your posts. The photography is stunning. Thank you for this lovely visual feast!
    You're on my blogroll, I want to share this with as many people as I can!

  2. your work and presentation are always a treat. eye candy for sure!
    now, imma gonna share you with kim of numinosity beads and i love her because she is lovely, engaging, and exciting to be around as well as to witness in creativity. xoxo

  3. Thanks, Darlene.
    What spectacular photography of some beautiful pieces. What a treat to the eyes! Pleased to "meet" you Robyn!

  4. Thank you so much, ladies, for sharing and commenting! I have entered all of you in the earring give-away contest! Good luck! :)

  5. What lovely earrings - the colors and delicate birds and butterflies feel like a breath of fresh spring air. You are always in tune with what we ladies need for a lift of spirit! Beautiful :)

  6. I have shared your blog with my lovely friend Felicia. She has the power to brighten my day no matter what....much like your jewelry! So whimsical and storytelling. Merci!!

  7. Hi Robyn, so much loveliness here - a feast for the eye! I´ve finally updated my Fleur de Boheme blog, too and have to spend more time here on blogger to catch up with all the great stuff going on :-)

    xxx Kirsten

  8. I've shared your blog with my little sister, Francesca, because she's the closest person I have in my life other that my hubby and as you know he knows all about you ;)
    My sister is not a big jewelry wearer however she appreciates the art behind making objects, including jewelry. I think she'll grow to love your stuff (and the stuff I make) over the years, plus she loves anything French like me (you should see her little wardrobe. When she goes to Italy she always buys at this little French shop, which I find hilarious in a way)
    I never get tired of looking at your pieces and I hope one day to have your skill level!