Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In the Boudoir

The recent Downton Abbey frenzy has got me thinking a lot about how much time and care women used to spend getting dressed each day, often several times a day to accomodate different activities.
I've also been pondering the life of those people behind the glamorous scenes, from a couturier at the finest fashion house in Paris, to a private lady's maid, like the sweet Anna or conniving O'Brien.
These necklaces pay homage to all such women, and the preparation that goes on in the boudoir...
from the simple mending of a button,
to creating the latest coiffure, and all without the modern technology we rely on today.
Thank you for stopping by and please stay tuned next time when I announce my upcoming give-away! :)


  1. Those necklaces are so pretty! Don't you love the jewelry of that era? Yes - Many of the tasks that took a long time and help from an assistant during that era, are now a "piece of cake" to accomplish.

  2. Lovely pieces Robyn, as always! I especially love the conceptual care you put behind them! The button for the sewing kit for instance is a lovely well thought out touch! Funny thing, I have one of those sewing kits, but I haven't put it to use yet! I thought it looked like a bullet too! I could not bring myself to pair it up with a toy gun though ;-)

  3. Wonderfully delicious eye candy. As always, your amazing jewelry is showcased magnificently with your beautiful photography.

  4. Many thanks, ladies! It's always fun to invent little stories behind the pieces. ;) Robyn

  5. How fun to see your jewelry that brings history and feminine glamour into the mix! Its sweet to imagine the women who treasured these articles before you blended them into something new. Well done!