Friday, March 22, 2013

Warming Trend

I think most of us around the country can agree that we're finally seeing a warming trend in the weather! I've had reports from friends and customers from Boulder to Virginia Beach singing the praises of blooming flowers, green grass and birdsong. And look what I found outside my window this morning! A whole family of deer! I tried to snap their photos, until they started staring at me and getting a little too close for comfort. I figured that was a good time to put the lens away. ;) I've also been on a warming trend in the studio, using rich bronze, worn leather and golden citrine to spice up this week's jewels. Have a weekend filled with sunshine! :)


  1. i very much like the re-purposed leather cuffs. very nice indeed!

  2. I had a deer moment like this in Chicago one spring morning. I can relate to this post. The beauty of them moving around yards was amazing and spellbinding. Then all the cameras came out and you are right, they stared then moved on.

    Adore your new pieces, they are beautiful.

  3. I love your leather and jewels bracelets Robyn! That locket with the Virgin and viola are also spectacular. I haven't seen deer yet here but I have seen baby rabbits - a sign that Easter's coming? Have a great weekend.