Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Fathers

With Father's Day nearly upon us, I created a little tongue-in-cheek tribute to our fathers in a figurative sense...  (Yes, that's George Washington playing the violin for you!)
My 'spirit of '76' necklace features a commemorative pendant of the fathers of our country signing the Declaration of Independence (and just in time for the 4th of July!), while a really unique rhinestone king pendant pays tribute to the royalty of other nations...

And this dazzling rhinestone and rosary double-strand necklace showcases a vintage heart pendant that is actually a stanhope with the Lord's Prayer inside.

Now for the man who is literally my own father... Thank you dad for a lifetime of love, lessons, good advice, grilled meats, car maintenance, tax preparation, and laughter!  Happy Father's Day, everyone!  :)




  1. Your dad has such a wonderful smile. This new batch of things is stunning! Those peacock earrings are perfection!

  2. Only you could come up with a lovely tribute to fathers using rhinestones and jewels! Your jewelry is always so beautiful Robyn - elegant, creative, unique!