Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fit for a Queen

How is everyone holding up in this record-breaking heat?  To combat the scorching temperatures, I've made some cool new jewels this week, fit for a queen! 
This vintage crown is simple yet stunning, adorned with lots of rhinestones, rubies and chunky baroque pearls.
I think this old threaded crown and Maltese cross patch makes a fun and regal bracelet!
And of course we needed some pearly crown and shell cameo earrings in the mix...
This royal necklace features the most amazing hand-painted portrait of a woman whom I've decided looks like Queen Elizabeth!  It is a really special piece, possibly painted on ivory and encased in silver and bezeled glass.
Here are some more crown earrings suspended from exotic enamel findings with mother of pearl rosary beads and chains.
This Eiffel Tower double-wrap necklace is positively luxe with its variety of gemstones and textured chain.
I will be listing these pieces in my Etsy shoppe on Monday.  Please feel free to contact me before then if you have questions about anything!  And please stay tuned next time when I will be offering my third tutorial on wire wrapping and making a pair of earrings.  Until then, stay cool, mes amis royale!  :) Robyn

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Free Styling

With summer in full swing, I took a little break from blogging last week and spent a bit of extra time with family.  I also enjoyed a (rainy!) Sunday at the flea market hunting for interesting new treasures to play with.  This week I offer you some 'free styling' designs... no particular theme, just some newfound (old) objects upcycled into jewelry that I hope will make you smile.  :)

These 'roman chandelier' earrings were quickly snatched up by a local friend of mine!  ;)
Silver plated sacred heart charms accent vintage rhinestones in these 'corazon' earrings.
On reserve for a good customer is this vintage prayer card necklace, which I named 'the gift' specifically for her.  ;)
I just love this vintage Notre Dame brooch I got from a European dealer; I knew it would make the perfect centerpiece for a bracelet when I saw it!
I designed this tribute to the Arc de Triumph to be worn several different ways, with a removable pendant that can be attached at various points of the necklace, or removed altogether.
Looove this antique watch chain and its tassel fob!
And now for some more earrings...!
Simple yet elegant rhinestone drops.
A black and white vintage cameo locket with velvet and an old tintype inside reeks of dark sophistication.
I hope you've enjoyed 'free styling' with me today!  Now it's back to the drawing board to dream up some new ideas for next time... x o

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Fathers

With Father's Day nearly upon us, I created a little tongue-in-cheek tribute to our fathers in a figurative sense...  (Yes, that's George Washington playing the violin for you!)
My 'spirit of '76' necklace features a commemorative pendant of the fathers of our country signing the Declaration of Independence (and just in time for the 4th of July!), while a really unique rhinestone king pendant pays tribute to the royalty of other nations...

And this dazzling rhinestone and rosary double-strand necklace showcases a vintage heart pendant that is actually a stanhope with the Lord's Prayer inside.

Now for the man who is literally my own father... Thank you dad for a lifetime of love, lessons, good advice, grilled meats, car maintenance, tax preparation, and laughter!  Happy Father's Day, everyone!  :)