Monday, March 28, 2011


Sometimes I'll recognize unintentional themes emerging in my work. I recently discovered that I'd been drawn to lots of milky white textures from mother of pearl to ivory to shell. Versatile and rich, these elements are always a refreshing touch in my jewelry designs and are especially welcome as spring approaches.

This incredible vintage rosary is a real stunner with large mother of pearl beads and a heart-shaped connector.

These delicious baroque pearls are really to die for. I've been saving them for the perfect necklace.

Mother of pearl and vintage rose-carved ivory beads. I think it's PC to use vintage ivory, right?

Creamy pendants waiting to be used.

Little shell circles.

And here are a few finished pieces currently available in my Etsy shoppe.

All these milky images have put me in the mood for some cookies. Bon soir, mes amis! :)


  1. Your creations are so very pretty! You had some wonderful materials to work with. Yes - I think it is acceptable to use vintage ivory.:)

  2. Love the sweet vintage baby rattle with that gorgeous mother of pearl ring. That one looks like it is in excellent condition too! Most of the ones I have found have dents on them. Yours looks great especially with those nice spring colors.