Monday, March 7, 2011

Family Gala and Coco

My father is a three-time cancer survivor, and last Thursday night our family attended a benefit gala put on by the Cancer Support Center of Silicon Valley where he and my mother are active members. The fund-raiser was a lovely dinner and auction, with the main attraction being an awards ceremony to honor the caregivers. Dad had 'secretly' nominated mom, though I think she found out about it when she caught him on the computer at midnight!

Here I am with the parents.

My sister Danette and her husband Ed.

Sorry this photo is a little dark, but I think we all look like we're having fun!

And that's my mom on the big screen!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, our good friend Paulina sold me this vintage dressmaker mannequin for a song! I've been wanting one on which to take photos of my jewelry, and to just play 'dress up' with in general. I've named her Coco since she reminds me of what the seamstresses at the House of Chanel might have used in the 1920s. She lives in my bedroom and frightened me a little the first couple of nights, but now that we've gotten used to each other, I believe she's there to protect me and send more good vintage finds my way.

Here she is wearing a rose satin and beaded party dress from the 1950s. I purchased this in 1987 from my favourite vintage clothing store in Phoenix called Honeybuns. My sister recently mused that I've probably had the dress longer than its original owner. What a scary thought!

Now donning a cheery pink crinoline! I love the contrast of the girly tulle against Coco's decaying body.

Finally, here she is wearing one of my new necklaces, called 'marie's carriage'.

Bon soir! :)

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  1. What a nice tribute to your parents! I like Coco and her new wardrobe :)