Monday, February 28, 2011

Romantic Style

A bookstore gift card from my dear friend Sharon recently led me to purchasing a beautiful new book, Romantic Style by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman. A longtime fan of the Shabby Chic prescription for home decor, I found this book to be a slightly fresh spin on the faded pastels I'm usually drawn to. Selina and Sara infuse punches of cheery colour into their rooms, in the way of a hot pink dining room wall, lime green throw pillow, or bouquets of bright flowers, yet manage to keep the look soft and vintage. Here's a peek at just some of the delicious pages:

In response to the inspiration from this lovely book, I've recently added a bit more colour to my own (normally white and neutral) home and wanted to share some photos with you.

I refer to this sofa as my 'man repellant', because I'm pretty sure no guy in his right mind would want to watch football on this.

No home would be complete without its very own Marie et Louis!

Bon soir! :)

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