Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love Lockets

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday with your loved ones. Since this week is my vacation from my day job, I've been busy in the studio and have created two new necklaces for my Etsy shoppe, both featuring lockets.

The first, which I'm calling 'jackie's jewelry box' is a double-wrap chock-full of mid-century charm. I imagine it's what Jackie Kennedy might have owned during her years in the White House.

To show it off in full 1960s effect, I pulled some of my glassware from this era out of the kitchen cabinets. I hadn't realized how many different styles I'd collected over the years, but I'll bet Jackie had more!

Of course, the First Lady would have had a portrait of her husband tucked away in her jewelry box!

And a heart-shaped locket with mother of pearl and painted rose overlay.

The 'saintly locket' on this next piece is more of a keepsake box - in its cavity, the wearer can hide a photo, snippet of hair, lucky coin, relic, or any number of secret mementos.

I'm showing it off here against a portrait I got yesterday at the flea market. This young Victorian woman has just the right amounts of elegance and spookiness for my decor!

Also at yesterday's market I found the most unusual rosary I've ever seen and have used it in this necklace. Each silvertone bead has a tiny Virgin Mary embossed on it!

What do you keep inside your favourite locket? :)


  1. Both are very pretty!!
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.
    Enjoy your vacation time.

  2. Love the Saintly locket rosary style necklace....the blue is so clear and pure

  3. Your portrait lady is rather spooky but her blue eyes look great with the blue beads and charms. I'm sure Jackie would love a highball in your glassware.

  4. Hi Robyn,
    Wow, since I love all of your work, I can't pick a favorite! But I do love that portrait! I really must make a trip out to California and visit the flea markets out there. You always manage to find such magnificent stuff!!