Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Return from Paris!

Bonjour, mes amis! I just returned last night from my week in Paris and what a delightful whirlwind it was! This was my second visit to the City of Light (my previous trip was about eight years ago), so some of it felt familiar, while I also discovered many new (to me) sights and made observations I may not have been ready for last time.

As I'd promised (or threatened, as the case may be), I took lots and lots of photos, which I'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks or even months! I'll categorize them into posts which make sense (art, architecture, boutiques, cafes, gardens, etc.) so as not to overwhelm you or me. Today, I thought I'd start by just giving you a brief overview of my trip, so please stay tuned for many more detailed photos. And please feel free to comment or ask any questions along the way.

The above photo is of my family, with whom I spent the first four days. My brother-in-law (at left) is from St. Albans, England, so he and my sister (second from left) were primarily in Europe to visit his parents and sister-in-law and brother (at right). (By the way, both ladies are expecting in February!) When I heard they were planning to spend a few days in Paris I told them they couldn't go without me, so everyone invited me to join them! After they returned to England, I stayed on in Paris for a few days by myself.

Here I am also at the Place de St. Michel, a bustling area filled with shoppes, cafes and a Metro station near our hotel in the 5th Arrondisment.

I look a little tired after just getting off the plane from California, n'est pas?

An example of the streets in our district.

This is the view I woke up to from my hotel balcony every morning.

The Sorbonne University, a defining landmark in this area known for its college students.

And here I am overlooking the Seine River, one of my most favourite places in all of Paris.

The Louvre Museum, where I spent no less than five hours one afternoon!

Another favourite spot of mine is the Luxembourg Gardens, literally across the street from our hotel. The well-manicured lawns are so lush against the ancient architecture of this city.

Here is Notre Dame Cathedral, where I had the pleasure of exploring its interior for the first time. Breathtaking!

Now, I know this next photo appears a little random, but if you take a close look, it is none other than Claudia Strasser of The Paris Apartment fame! I have been such a big fan of her book and blog for a while now, and she was partly the inspiration for my trip! Seeing her interviewing a dealer at the Puce de Clignancourt (flea market) was thrilling! I was too shy to interrupt their conversation, so I snapped this candid photo from across the street. I'm considering sending it to Claudia, what do you think?

Have you ever seen so many delicious white shirts?

And my trip would not have been complete without a stop at this famous patisserie. The macaroons really are to die for.

I also had to take a trip to Versailles, since one of its former residents, Marie Antoinette, is my number one idol!

I can't wait to share much more of my trip with you - and would love to hear about your experiences in Paris as well. As always, merci beaucoup for stopping by! :) Robyn


  1. C'est Bon et manifique! You have inspired me in many ways; one of which to start a travel blog! I just recently got Into photography and may I say, your copositions are beautiful!


  2. Welcome home Robyn! Yes, your compositions are beautiful. I will be checking often for more. I have no problem living vicariously, through you, until I decide to make the journey myself. Of course, with your inspiration, It may be sooner than I thought! I love the picture of your family too!
    Au revoir,
    ♥Danette (numéro deux)

  3. What a fabulous trip! I can't wait to see more of your photos. And yes, I think you should send your photo to Claudia! Let her know what a big fan of hers you are and maybe she'll invite you to shop with her next time :)

  4. Really enjoyed seeing these pictures. Love seeing the architecture. and looking forward to seeing and hearing more. Did you go to any brocontes to shop for treasures? Congratulations to the parents to be! :)

  5. Hi Robyn, I have a HUGE smile on my face right now! I can't believe you saw me! I'm only sorry that you didn't come by and say hi!
    That's ok, at least we're friends now :)
    I love your photos and you are so sweet to include me in your beautiful blog post!
    Let's link and definitely let me know when you're in Paris again. This time I'll interview YOU!

  6. lucky lucky Girl!!!!...really enjoyed the tour of your photos.!