Monday, February 28, 2011

Romantic Style

A bookstore gift card from my dear friend Sharon recently led me to purchasing a beautiful new book, Romantic Style by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman. A longtime fan of the Shabby Chic prescription for home decor, I found this book to be a slightly fresh spin on the faded pastels I'm usually drawn to. Selina and Sara infuse punches of cheery colour into their rooms, in the way of a hot pink dining room wall, lime green throw pillow, or bouquets of bright flowers, yet manage to keep the look soft and vintage. Here's a peek at just some of the delicious pages:

In response to the inspiration from this lovely book, I've recently added a bit more colour to my own (normally white and neutral) home and wanted to share some photos with you.

I refer to this sofa as my 'man repellant', because I'm pretty sure no guy in his right mind would want to watch football on this.

No home would be complete without its very own Marie et Louis!

Bon soir! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Red Carpet

After watching Sofia Coppola's breathtaking Marie Antoinette film again this week (I've surely seen it at least a dozen times), I was in the mood for some 18th-century grandeur and took myself antiques shopping yesterday. This Bloomingayle's store window, complete with cherubic paintings, chandelier, frilly lampshades, creamy white furniture and red velvet carpet, is simply divine, and certainly fit for any young dauphine. (Bloomingayle's is located at 645 Laurel Street / San Carlos, CA / 650.591.2829.)

Here also is a peek at some of the new jewelry designs I've been working on. I'm having a lot of fun mixing metals and textures from my many recent flea market findings. It's a little like putting a puzzle together, playing with random pieces until they 'fit' just right in terms of colour, shape, size, theme, weight and overall composition. Hope you enjoy! :)

Bon soir!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Secondhand Rose

Anyone who's ever met me knows I have a penchant for thrift shopping! Born out of both financial necessity and an obsession for vintage clothes, I now pride myself on being able to find that diamond in the rough and see its potential. Today I wanted to show you some of my recent finds from the local Goodwill. Each of these pieces was well under $10, so how can you go wrong? I've also paired them with some of the new necklaces currently available in my Etsy shoppe.

I can hardly wait for the first sign of spring so I can wear this sweet cream-coloured eyelet dress.

And how romantic is this taupe blouse, to be teamed with skinny jeans and cowboy boots?

Perhaps my favorite recent 'score' is this pale blue 1970s polyester number from Joseph Magnin! I just love the pink flowers at the bottom and wore it out to dinner on Valentine's Day.

Finally, there is the Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax toile print skirt. It's way too snug for me, so I wear it unbuttoned with a long white slip underneath. Bargain hunters can't be too choosy. :)

What kinds of treasures have you found at the thrift store lately?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cherry Blossom Time

Growing up in Arizona, I didn't notice much seasonal change in the landscape. Oh, I could tell you the difference between a saguaro or prickly pear cactus, and it was easy to determine whether the temperature was 110 or 115, but other than that, foliage was lost on me. When my family moved to northern California some 20 years ago, I noticed for the first time the colourful beauty that flowers and trees offer. February marks 'cherry blossom' season in the bay area and I find myself looking forward each year to the few weeks when streets are lined with pale pink petals. Since these trees are only in bloom for a short period of time, it seems especially important to enjoy their fleeting beauty while it lasts, as if this is nature's way of reminding us to live in the moment. Cherry blossoms also signify the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day to me, as well as the first hint that winter will soon draw to a close as spring promises brighter days. I snapped these photos outside my home on a dreary afternoon last week, but didn't want the opportunity to pass me by.

And now for something a little less serious, I wanted to show you my dining table as it appeared on Valentine's Day when I had the family over for dessert.

And after... ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Throbs

Since I don't have an actual Valentine to spend the holiday with (although Dad always comes through with chocolates and a teddy bear!), I wanted to pay tribute to my celebrity heart throbs. You know, those guys we crush on from afar, only to remind us that no man could ever be this perfect in real life. Here's to my three favorites, in ascending order:

#3: Johnny Depp - He can cut my hair anytime.

#2: Byron Sully - Played by actor Joe Lando, this Dr. Quinn character has enough integrity for the whole town.

#1: Bono - He's been with me since the '80s, through thick and thin. And if you don't 'get it', just watch Rattle and Hum.

Are you with me, ladies? Happy Valentine's Day! <3