Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Creativity

How is everyone's week going? Many of my internet friends have been experiencing snow storms this week, and even our weather in California has turned very cold. To combat the winter humdrums, I've been keeping cozy indoors on my days off from work to 'play' in the studio. A new batch of gemstones which just arrived from India has also helped to keep the creative juices flowing. :)

This necklace features ocean-blue flourite stones and a finger rosary relic pendant. I added an image cut from a vintage prayer card and some old lace to the interior.

I love these oxidized cross pendants and paired this one with Art Deco findings, lemon zircon and tiger's eye.

Inspired by the Edwardian-era necklaces I've been spying on the PBS series Downton Abbey, this necklace reminds me of the passage of time, with its drops of floral vine, vintage watch faces and Victorian mourning pendant.

Finally, this sweet necklace puts me in the mood for a nautical vacation. Who couldn't use a little 'resort' wear right about now?

All of these pieces are currently available in my Etsy shoppe. Please let me know how you're dealing with the cold winter weather. :)


  1. Oh Wow, Fabulous necklaces Robyn, I love the one with the oxidised heart.....actually I love them all!!!
    The second series of Downton Abbey was on here before Christmas....and I still haven't watched it....I've got it all recorded but never seem to have time to sit and watch. Think I'm going to have to treat myself to a Downton Day!

  2. Love the boy with a hat pendant and necklace. The colors are yummy! Your display of gemstones has me drooling too ;)

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, ladies! Georgie - you've had some lovely things in your shoppe this week too. I hope you both enjoy watching 'Downton Abbey'! It's worth carving out a little quiet time for it. :)