Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mozo's Antique Search and Rescue

My friends Moe Munroe and Lisa Brady just opened a hip new antiques store (no, that's not an oxymoron!) called Mozo's Antique Search and Rescue in my neighborhood.
This place is not your grandmother's antiques store, as their business cards clearly indicate.  'If you enjoy shows like... American Pickers, Oddities... Pawn Stars, this is the store for you!', the cards accurately exclaim!
Here is Lisa in front of the store's original safe, and behind the uber cool antique cash register.
On offer are fabulous old typewriters,
painted screens and equestrian fare,
religious icons,
decorative mirrors,
an old doctor's bag,
kitchy Lucy and Ricky statues,
ship models and nautical knick knacks,
some French accessories (mais oui!),
marble grapes,
compasses, doorknobs, seltzer bottles,
creepy anatomy charts,
mannequins wearing Moe's cashmere gloves,
or pink wigs and vintage hats,
an original mosaic sculpture of Moe's,
pop art,
and much, much more!  This back room currently serves as a warehouse, but will soon be staged for shopping and Lisa's interior design business.
The light in here is magical!
Happily, Mozo's will soon be carrying some of my jewelry designs, so I'm excited to bring them some of my edgier pieces!
I will also be listing new items in both of my Etsy shoppes tomorrow, so please stop by The French Circus for my hand assembled jewelry, and The Paris Carousel for your vintage jewelry and supplies needs.  I think there's a little 'search and rescue' in us all!  ;)


  1. Hi Robyn,

    Your friend Moe's shop looks like a very cool place and I can't wait to stop by!

    Au Revoir,


  2. Oh my! I want to go! That store looks fabulous! And it's in your neighborhood? Better yet. What a great venue to showcase your beautiful pieces.

  3. CCCOOOLL Shop, Robyn! Tom and I would definitely go there if we lived in San Mateo! For sure.

  4. Oooh - that's one cool shop! Lots to get your heart racing and your wallet sighing as you fork over the cash. Your jewelry will go well with Moe's slightly twisted "vintique" aesthetic. Congrats on finding a new place to show your artistry!

  5. Looks wonderful, Robyn! Can't wait to stop by. Congrats to everyone!

  6. Hi Robyn!
    Thank you so much for featuring the store on your blog. We are working really hard to polish up It's look and feel. We are also getting new, unique pieces in everyday and business is picking up. I'm super excited to have your jewelry join mine in the case! Lots of love, see you soon!


    PS. We now have a FB fanpage