Friday, July 26, 2013

Thomas L. Mott Miniature Portraits

I recently discovered and fell in love with the miniature hand painted portrait pendants and brooches from the Thomas L. Mott Company of Birmingham, England.  Established in the 1870s, but most popular during the 1920s, the TLM Co. was perhaps most notably known for its work on butterfly wings.
I was lucky enough to find two beautiful examples of his portrait pendants, a magnificent and rare ocean scene, and a sweet image of a Georgian lady.
It is said that artists in the TLM studio sometimes painted with brushes that only had one hair, such was the fine detailing on these petite treasures.
What's not to love?  ;)
I've also been busy as a 'bee' designing and re-stocking inventory in my Etsy shoppe since I was dangerously low, after shipping some items off to The Spa at Windsor Court in New Orleans.  Happily, they have been doing great with my jewelry and were nearly sold out!  ;)
I'll be back in the studio in just a few days dreaming up even more goodies.  Thank you for stopping by!  x o Robyn

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  1. Gorgeous as usual. I am a French Circus fan along with my addiction to French Queen's Ransom here on Etsy. Brava!!